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Personally signed by Peter Schiff

The Federal Mafia is one of only two books banned by the U.S. government, and it’s the only non-fiction book ever to be banned.  The other book, Fanny Hill, was banned due to obscenity.

However, there are no obscenities in The Federal Mafia, unless you consider governmental and judicial abuse, obscene.

There are no pornographic pictures except for an image of the IRS 1040 form, which might be considered by some as all-out “B&D.”

There are no instructions on how to build a bomb, although I’ve heard folks say the information contained in this book is highly explosive!

There’s no instructions on how to commit murder, however, the information might prompt the ultimate demise of the IRS.

Just some good honest criticism of government. All backed up by the law itself.

The Federal Mafia exposes every facet of the Federal Government’s illegal collection of income taxes.

In short, if you don’t know already, this book will convince you that ORGANIZED CRIME
in America begins with the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!e

However readers are cautioned not to follow the tax advice offered by this book.  Do not buy this book as a “How to” book on not paying federal income taxes.  Buy it for educational and entertainment purposes only, and to keep as a unique piece of American history.


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